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So i just love the above photo, why?

Cause Lana is leaning into Lex but Lex is leaning into Clark and the open legs on the boys, sweet.

Subliminal messaging radar is a pinging from here to there

Rec: The Comfort of Adversity

http://community.livejournal.com/kantayra_fic/15110.html#cutid1 by kantayra


My favorite part Connor/Lex' talk on Lex's evilness, Lex is a man comfortable in his evil sexy skin
Looking Glass by Jenn


The visual of Lex/Clark and Martha towards end was so sexually corrupt and indulgent at the same time

The Hero Of Yesterday, by Kate

The second to last sex scene made me weep it was so painful. The imagery, the darkness, what was lost , obsessive and brutal, yet gentle

Jun. 28th, 2006

SO I made my first Icon, I 'm a little excited

He sucked as Seth on OLTL

It is Matisyahu Day

I love that boy, He rocks the house


Sayid is a bloody genius. I want 10 of his babies

I finally saw Batman Begins

I loved it, they have finally got the batman movies back on track.

Now my dilema, I have been a Christian Bale lover since Empire of the Sun, wonderful movie if you have never seen it before, Christian decides to grow and become all hot, really hot and I feel like a chesterina

He goes into my Cage with TW, MR, Navreen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim where they all have dance for me 24 buck naked

My First Post

Welcome to the world of the Kitten, I am not the greatest blogger and I have no clue what I want to blogg about but I am blogging away. Some day I hope to write a book about my life. So far it has been rather interesting and I can't way to see what else this life entails.